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A word from our CEO | July/August 2020


This is certainly a time of reflection, both personally and, I believe, for the country.

I am both grateful and moved by the incredible support that SA Harvest has had from so many people including our benefactors, donors, partners and, of course, our amazing team.

The COVID crisis has shone a necessary light on the enormous inequalities that plague our country. Those with the means can easily take for granted that the foundation of a dignified life is having access to sufficient food on a daily basis. Although Chapter 2: Section 27 of South Africa’s Constitution expresses the right for every South African to have access to sufficient food and water, we as a country have failed to turn these noble sentiments into action as 18 or more million South Africans go to sleep hungry every night.

As we struggle to honour our constitution through action, we should be aware that it is not enough for everyone to have access just to sufficient food, but to sufficient nutritious food. It is common knowledge that in our country there are large numbers of obese people who suffer from malnutrition because they do not have access to nearly enough nutrient-rich food.

Something has to be done about this maltreatment of so many people in our country. SA Harvest has a plan which includes rescuing food that would have gone to waste (10 million tons of good food goes to waste every year in S.A., which could feed our entire country for many, many years)  and delivering it to organisations that feed food-vulnerable people on a daily basis. But we are aware that people should not have to rely on charity for the rest of their lives and so we are also very involved in projects, collaborations, and the search for new and innovative ways to bring about sustainable solutions which will ensure that a time will be reached when every South African will, in a dignified, independent manner, have access to sufficient nutritious food on a daily basis.

Please follow our monthly newsletters, which will keep you updated on the progress of these projects, collaborations and ideas and our actions with regard to them.

With gratitude

Alan Browde

5 responses to “A word from our CEO | July/August 2020

  1. I have seen the difference u making in 9ur community but unfortunately it only a cover a small area in our community… there is still a lot of help needed

  2. Good Morning,

    I would like to get involved on a freelance basis. I admire the work that you do and people happiness lies close to my heart

  3. We have been contributing R500.00 per month, since the start of the pandemic, and intend to continue, for as long as we can. What other assistance is needed? We are open to the possibility of being more involved.

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