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Technology lies at the core of SA Harvest’s efforts.


SA Harvest is doing more than just rescuing food and fighting hunger; we are working hard to have an impact on the efficiency of the food supply chain. We have invested in an innovative global platform that empowers how we tackle the problem of food waste in South Africa and eventually scale to have a larger footprint. It enables complete transparency of where food is being rescued from and where it ends up, the logistics involved in getting it there. Our proprietary technology platform allows for knowledge and data sharing with NGOs and other key stakeholders in this space, which ultimately enables the collaboration needed to build solutions.

Being in the food business, food safety and transparency are critical to SA Harvest. Our bespoke technology platform allows us to track and trace every donation through the logistics process – where and when it was collected, when it was unloaded in the warehouses, where and when it was delivered and the expiry dates of every item.

And that’s just the beginning. It also allows us to measure the average nutritional value of all food delivered to any beneficiary and will ultimately ensure that we can help the entire food rescue space to become more efficient and effective.

With the right technology and enablement platforms, SA Harvest can access significantly more nutrient- rich food to deliver it where it’s needed the most. 


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