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What We Do

At SA Harvest, we are committed to ending hunger and reducing food waste. Since 2019, we have been fighting food waste through our food rescue, education programmes and sustainability initiatives.

What We’re Doing

We are driven by the mission to ensure that every South African has access to adequate, nutritious food in order for individuals to develop and grow to their full potential.

Part of our systems-thinking approach is the use of refrigerated and unrefrigerated vehicles to ensure that we can respond efficiently to collect from food donors and to deliver safely to our beneficiary organisations.


Education is crucial if we want to enable positive change. Our education goal is to strengthen community connections, improve life skills, increase healthy eating and food waste awareness. Ultimately, we need to think further than ‘charity’, and start building ‘systemic change’.


SA Harvest is constantly looking for innovative solutions to combat food waste and hunger. Our use of technology is core to what we do, allowing for transparency and accountability, and reducing overlap.

Established infrastructure

SA Harvest operates with an established infrastructure of warehouses, systems, vehicles, logistics, technology and partnerships to source nutrient-rich food from a broad range of suppliers including farmers, micro-farmers, food producers, restaurants, retailers, airlines, event coordinators and many more.

Our operating model follows Food Rescue best practice.

Logistics expertise

Collections of both perishable and non-perishable foods are made with our refrigerated and unrefrigerated vehicles and then delivered to our cold storage and sorting facilities or directly to our partner beneficiary organisations.

Trained Drivers

Our drivers are fully trained in industry standard hygiene best practice to ensure food safety throughout the process, a top priority for SA Harvest.

National beneficiaries

Daily deliveries are made to our network of beneficiary organisations, all of whom are equipped to safely handle, prepare and distribute nutritious meals to communities in need.


With 10,3 million tonnes of food going to waste annually in South Africa and 20 million people on the spectrum of critical  food vulnerability, the challenge is too big for one company.One of SA Harvest’s key goals is to promote, mainly via technology, collaboration in the hunger relief space. We’ve coined the term ‘the food space’, and our goal is to bring the industry together, through a shared logistics exercise, to become more efficient and effective. It is only through collaboration that an end to hunger is possible in South Africa.

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