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We are taking a revolutionary approach to ending hunger, including addressing the systemic causes of hunger and leveraging appropriate technology, while simultaneously tackling the immediate food security crisis through rescuing nutritious food and delivering it where it’s needed most.

Food Rescue (Charity)

From farmers, manufacturers, retailers and across the food ecosystem, SA Harvest rescues nutritious surplus food that would have gone to waste and, using refrigerated and other vehicles, delivers it for free to vetted beneficiaries who feed hungry people on a daily basis, with a particular focus on children, child-headed households and the elderly. However, our mission is TO END HUNGER IN SOUTH AFRICA and it is clear that, while charity is essential to keep people alive, it won’t, in the long-run, end hunger.

Sustainable Solutions (Systemic Intervention)

What will ultimately end hunger is dealing with the systemic issues that cause hunger in the first place – and we are deeply committed and invested in achieving this objective. The two areas of focus for SA Harvest in the short-term are 1) entrepreneurial training and support and 2) the process to ensure that Section 27 of the South African Bill of Rights is honoured by the Government. Both of these processes are well underway and all actionthat SA Harvest takes in the future will completely integrate the charity and systemic strategies.

Innovative Technology

Being in the food business, food safety and transparency are critical to SA Harvest. Our bespoke technology platform has been the solution to this imperative. It is able to track and trace every morsel of food through the logistics process – where and when it was collected, when it was unloaded in the warehouses, where and when it was delivered and the expiry dates of every item. However, our technology is more than this. For example, it is used to measure the average nutritional value of all food delivered to any beneficiary and, as alluded to previously,

We are developing a platform that will help the entire food rescue space to become more efficient and effective. We are fully aware that, ultimately, technology will be the solution to significantly scaling the feeding effort in South Africa. With the right technology and enablement platforms, we can access significantly more nutrient- rich food to deliver it where it’s needed the most. 

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