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Key to the success of the SA Harvest strategy is close relationships with our donor partners. Without them we would not be able to assist in feeding the thousands of food vulnerable people currently serviced by the SA Harvest. We are immensely grateful for their ongoing generosity and contribution to our mission to end food waste and hunger in South Africa.

SA Harvest’s numerous and wide range of partners, including our hugely generous fiscal donors, have been critical to our success. These partnerships range from individuals to corporates, from family foundations to global philanthropists, from committed food donors throughout the food chain to a variety of pro bono service providers including legal, corporate clothing, photographic equipment, warehouse space, logistics, technology services and much more. Their contribution is massive, enabling SA Harvest, in 2022, to deliver almost 20 million meals at at a cost of R0.99c (USD 0,05) per meal! Without them SA Harvest would not be able to assist in feeding the thousands of food vulnerable people we currently service.

thank you to our generous DonorS

These are some of the valued partners who regularly donate food, goods or services to SA Harvest in ongoing partnerships that ensure food waste is redirected to those in need.

Become an SA Harvest Partner

We would love for you to join in our mission to reduce food waste and end hunger.

Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles are able to respond within 24 hours to collect short-dated and end-of-shelf life products before they go to waste.

Join our impact today by emailing us at or call Ozzy Nel on 072 128 1166.

Your Donation Is Tax Deductible

SA Harvest is able to issue a Section 18A certificate to all donors of tangible, billable products and services. Section 18A certificates allow organisations to deduct up to 10% of their taxable income. “Giving makes good business sense. Donating allows you to communicate your CSI initiatives and, through the Section 18A, saves money on your bottom line.”

Logistics Partners

Solving hunger at the scale it exists in South Africa ultimately boils down to logistics solutions. No one company can acquire enough vehicles to accomplish this massive task, and we have a huge need for logistics partners who can become part of the solution. Through our technology platform and the mapping of food donors and those in need, empty and under-utilised return loads could make all the difference and we implore logistics companies to help us end hunger in South Africa.

Donations of vehicles to assist with SA Harvest’s logistical needs qualify for Section 18A certificates, with the value being based on the value of the load and the distance in kilometres.

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