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Join the #UnionAgainstHunger: SA Harvest’s Mandela Month campaign to deliver 1 million meals


SA Harvest, the pioneering food rescue organisation, has announced the launch of its Mandela Month Campaign under the banner of its advocacy arm, #UnionAgainstHunger. The campaign aims to honour Nelson Mandela’s 67-year-long fight for human rights and social justice by raising awareness about the ongoing injustice of hunger in South Africa and mobilising action to end it.

SA Harvest team receiving donations. Photo credit Mpumelelo Mcau

“In light of Mandela Day, we are calling on everyone – food donors, partners, corporates, and the South African public – to join us in our mission by pledging a symbolic donation representing Mandela’s 67 years of service,” said Alan Browde, CEO and founder of SA Harvest. “We are striving to deliver 1 million meals during Mandela Month. At the heart of this mission is the harsh reality that 20 million South Africans are on a spectrum of severe food vulnerability, ranging from going to sleep hungry every night to running out of money for food sometime during the month, while over 10.3 million tonnes of food is wasted annually.”

He continued, “Sections 27 and 28 of our constitution guarantee every South African the basic right to enough nutritious food. Yet, the current state of hunger and the desperate levels of malnutrition in our country starkly highlight the government’s failure to fulfil this basic obligation. We are fighting for a society where these fundamental rights are upheld for all, and we are calling on all South Africans to unite with us by joining the #UnionAgainstHunger Mandela Month action.”

The #UnionAgainstHunger Mandela Month Campaign invites participation in SA Harvest’s mission to deliver 1 million meals in the month. Businesses across the food supply chain are encouraged to donate food items in multiples of 67, 670, 6,700, or 67,000 units, kilograms, or tonnes.

SA Harvest team receiving donations. Photo credit Mpumelelo Mcau

Individuals and corporates can contribute to this initiative by donating in denominations of R67, R670, R6,700, or R67,000. Every R67 raised will enable SA Harvest to provide 74 meals at just 90 cents per meal.

The #UnionAgainstHunger Million Meals Month food drive also offers an opportunity for companies to form long-term partnerships with SA Harvest in its mission to rescue food from going to waste and feed hungry South Africans while simultaneously tackling the scourge of climate change. All contributors will receive recognition on SA Harvest’s social media platforms during Mandela Month and will receive a Section 18A certificate reflecting the value of their donation.

“By acting together, we can shed light on the injustice of hunger and contribute to a more equitable and just society,” Browde concluded. “On Mandela Day, let’s join the action of #UnionAgainstHunger and take #ActionAgainstPoverty.”

Since its inception in October 2019, SA Harvest has delivered over 43 million meals and rescued 13,1 million kilograms of food from going to waste. The organisation prioritises the right to nutritious food, investing in innovative solutions to achieve its mission.

SA Harvest has over 200 beneficiary organisations around the country. Photo credit Mpumelelo Mcau
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