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okja World Kindness Day promotion


In celebration of World Kindness Day, the kind folks at okja are partnering with us to do good. They’re spreading the goodness of oat milk to all 200 of our beneficiary organisations (and through them to thousands of hungry people all over the country).

For every purchase made on the okja website between World Kindness Day on 13 November until the end of the month, a case of 24 of their delicious 200ml oat drinks will be donated to SA Harvest.

It’s all in the spirit of kindness… Because oat milk is kind to the planet, and so are we – rescuing food and delivering it to hungry people! And your purchase of any okja product means you get to perform an act of kindness too!

Did you know?

“The most environmentally friendly plant-based milk award would go to the humble oat. Using relatively small amounts of water and land, and being the second-lowest carbon emitter, oat milk is the best milk alternative in terms of environmental impact.” Independent Online, August 2021.

And did you know that SA Harvest has rescued over 30 million tonnes of nutritious food from going to waste in the last three years – which means that instead of ending up in landfill causing harmful methane gases that contribute to climate change all that good food has ended up in hungry tummies.

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