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Message from the CEO


By the end of 2022, SA Harvest will have delivered 19 million meals in this year alone, and in the three years since we began operations, we will have delivered almost 36 million meals. This is a remarkable effort and we would not have been able to do this without the unbelievable generosity of our donors, both fiscal and food and our various partners. A deeply sincere thank you to you all

Our mission is to end hunger in South Africa and we have followed a three-legged strategy to achieve this. Firstly, we rescue food that would have gone to waste, and we deliver it to other NGOs who feed hungry people daily. This is done on a charitable basis. Secondly is the sustainable and systemic intervention in activities that create food independence and food sovereignty. Both these strategies are underpinned by a bespoke technology platform that we’ve developed to enable us as a food organisation to be safe, transparent, and efficient.

We are aware, however, that charity, although absolutely vital at this time when more than 10 million people are going to sleep hungry every night in our country, it will not, ultimately, end hunger. It is the systemic and sustainable interventions that will.

Next year SA Harvest our systemic focus will be on the development of entrepreneurial skills for our beneficiaries and for those whom they feed, and this will be done through our SA Harvest Entrepreneurial Incubator, which will create and support entrepreneurs in the food space.

From now on, all our charitable food rescue operations will include entrepreneurial training so that those both working in our organisation and those whom we are feeding will eventually not be dependent on charity for access to affordable, nutritious food.

What we are doing and what we are about to do is extremely exciting and like all NGOs we cannot do our work without funds and I invite all and sundry to give whatever you can to enable us to carry on with our important work.

Once again, thank you all for everything that you’ve done and thanks to the SA Harvest team. In my 40 years in business, this team has been the most unbelievable bunch of people I’ve ever worked with.

I wish you all a safe and happy festive season and a productive and purposeful 2023.

Alan Browde

CEO & Founder

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