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A Season of Generosity: Food Vulnerable Communities Turn Orange


As winter cast its chilly spell across South Africa, a heartwarming wave of orange swept through the streets of Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of citrus farmers, packhouses, logistics companies, and SA Harvest’s invaluable partners. In a time when warmth and nourishment were needed the most, this remarkable initiative brought the gift of Vitamin C to those in need.

Durban and Joburg Turn Orange with Clemengold

The story begins with a generous donation from Clemengold, the remarkable citrus producer who donated staggering 510,000 kilograms of its vibrant mandarins (naartjies), bringing smiles to countless faces across Johannesburg and Durban.

Over the course of four months, SA Harvest, in collaboration with our partner, the OneFarm Share programme from HelloChoice and Standard Bank, Brian Williams, and our logistics partners, Teralco Logistics and Unitransgroup/Xinergistics, orchestrated a logistical masterpiece. Transporting the loose fruit from Twypack Packhouse in 1,170 agri bins provided by CHEP through the OneFarm Share programme, the epic undertaking covered a total distance of 5,484 kilometres, reaching across the country to 64 beneficiary organisations in Joburg and 98 in Durban.

This short video captures the profound impact of this initiative, reflecting the power of collaboration and compassion.

Paarl’s Gift: Citrus from Stellenpak

The second part of this citrus-filled story takes us to Paarl, Cape Town, where Stellenpak, a packhouse, generously donated 2 x 24 tonnes of citrus fruit over four weeks during the winter season. The OneFarm Share programme by Standard Bank and HelloChoice once again joined forces to support this initiative, covering the transportation costs for our longstanding logistics partner Bulldog Hauliers to transport the loads from Paarl to SA Harvest’s warehouse in Epping, Cape Town.

From there, the citrus fruit reached the far corners of Cape Town, nourishing the hearts and souls of individuals in need. An interesting anecdote from the SA Harvest team in Cape Town revealed that naartjies hold a special place in people’s hearts. “It’s not just a fruit; it’s a source of pure joy. It’s like a festival at times… A big peel mess afterwards but very worth it.”

A Season of Gratitude

As the citrus season comes to an end, we reflect with gratitude on the remarkable journey of turning South Africa orange. This season was a testament to the compassion and collaboration of donors, partners, and caring individuals who made it all possible.

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