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The Great Mandarin Movement: Indigo Fruit Farming and Stellenpak Packhouse Lead the Charge in Massive Donation Initiative


In an extraordinary example of benevolence and collaboration, Indigo Fruit Farming and Stellenpak Packhouse are making a substantial contribution to SA Harvest’s food rescue and hunger relief mission – an impressive weekly total of 68 tonnes of fresh mandarins and naartjies that are reaching malnourished and hungry people all over the country.

Starting in early May, Indigo Fruit Farming, the producers of ClemenGold branded mandarins, began making weekly donations of 34 tonnes of their delicious, nutrient-rich fruit. This significant contribution is transported from Nelspruit to SA Harvest’s warehouses located in Johannesburg and Durban. Unitrans, Value Logistics and Teralco Logistics have generously provided their services to ensure the logistics of this extensive operation run smoothly. Unitrans kickstarted the journey by providing five trucks for the initial haul, and Value Logistics and Teralco Logistics facilitate the journey from Nelspruit to Johannesburg. The Road Freight Association’s Gavin Kelly has provided invaluable assistance in making connections and facilitating discussions with logistics companies.

The crucial role of providing containers for the fruit transport has been fulfilled by the OneFarm Share programme, a remarkable initiative by HelloChoice and Standard Bank. Through the supply of CHEP bins the fruit is transported across the country. Each truckload requires 78 bins containing loose fruit, a logistical challenge that becomes more significant as the peak season swings into full gear. The swift return of these bins to Nelspruit for the subsequent week’s load is crucial to the continued success of the operation.

In Cape Town, Stellenpak Packhouse is generously contributing 216 tons of citrus fruit over a six-week period, with the invaluable support of Bulldog Hauliers providing the weekly transport. Through OneFarm Share, KAL Group have contributed 468 Agrimark bins to move the fruit from Stellenpak in Paarl to Cape Town.

Upon arrival at SA Harvest’s warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, the fruit is carefully packaged into nutritious baskets along with other ingredients donated by our compassionate food donors and delivered to beneficiary organisations across the three cities, bringing much-needed sustenance and nutrition to those in desperate need.

The magnitude of this logistics operation is immense, made possible only through the dedicated collaboration and generosity of our partners. This is a remarkable tale of synergy and compassion, as excess and surplus produce from Indigo Fruit Farming and Stellenpak Packhouse is directed towards the vulnerable individuals who need it most.

With this large-scale donation, thousands of malnourished individuals will receive the critical Vitamin C and other nutrients they need to bolster their health and wellbeing. This initiative stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when businesses align their resources for the greater good.

By the end of the citrus season, 1,216 million kilograms of citrus fruit will have reached our beneficiaries.

SA Harvest is incredibly grateful for the contributions of all involved parties, from the fruit farming and packing companies to the logistical partners and supportive initiatives. Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of many, and for that, we extend our deepest thanks.

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