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Union against hunger

Let your image be your voice. Join us in the fight against hunger.

SA Harvest’s operational model is founded on three pillars – food rescue, technology and systemic intervention. The #UnionAgainstHunger forms part of SA Harvest’s systemic intervention pillar and is focused on advocacy, with the objective of creating awareness of the facts relating to hunger and food waste, of the constitutional right of every South African to food, which is currently not being fulfilled by the government, and of the need for systemic intervention to address the root causes of hunger in our country so that we may end hunger.

The facts are shocking: 12,3 million tonnes of good food goes to waste every year. That’s 36,3 billion meals, which is enough to feed every one of the 20 million people who are classified as food vulnerable three nourishing meals a day for almost 18 months. The simple act of rescuing food that would end up in landfill causing harmful methane gasses and damage to the environment, redirecting it to hungry tummies, is one of the ways in which SA Harvest is both advocating for change and taking action to address the massive hunger problem in our country.

By joining the #UnionAgainstHunger you are joining in SA Harvest’s fight for change, our fight to have the constitutional right to food fulfilled, to help rescue food and end hunger.

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