Covid-19 Response

Millions of South Africans had inadequate access to nutritious food, even before Covid-19. The pandemic has caused mass unemployment, which has dramatically increased food insecurity.
This needs to be at the very top of our national social agenda.

In order to meet the huge demand for food and reach as many food vulnerable communities as possible, SA harvest has quickly scaled-up its operation.

Since the lock down we have:

  • increased our supply chain, by identifying new food suppliers and manufacturers,
  • expanded our beneficiary organisations, using a robust vetting process,
  • implemented a dynamic logistics team,
  • activated a team of volunteers who have built a collaborative community food drive initiative that continues to bring in several tons of healthy food every week since the start of the lock-down,
  • implemented safety and hygiene protocol for our drivers, volunteers and frontline workers – with a contactless collect and distribute system.